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If you are very active during your Home Economics class in grade school then you are definitely going to enjoy this next DIY activity offered when in Taiwan. I personally enjoyed this a lot as it involves colors, fragrance and design. On this post we will discuss about soap-making brought to you by TEASOAP.

TeaSoap has been making soap for more than half a century.

Mr. Lin Yicai, the first generation of the founder of Meishengtang, was an apprentice selling soap at the train station in Taipei. When he used a soap that was too heavy for every day use, he was determined to study Neutral soap that does not hurt the skin. This gave birth to the brand that has been passed from generations to another.

Taiwan TeaSoap
This is Mr. Lin. Charot! That’s your boy, gotMARKed right there. 🙂

The factory building has been turned into a sightseeing and interactive venue. The exciting hot-cooking soap method is now open for the public to experience through this fun DIY activity.

My toes… my knees.. my shoulder… my head.. READY? Sing!

The workshop was very informative and engaging as we were taught about the process of soap-making by going around the factory and then eventually making our own soaps.

During the soap-making session, we were able to choose the design, color and even scents of our soap. As a huge fan of Green Tea aroma, it was an easy choice! After powdering the flowers and whatnots, mixing up the formulas and pouring it in the mold, I was happy with I was able to come up with. It was museum-ready!!! LOL! No kidding, I had it displayed in my room at home. Hahaha!



There was also this soap-printing activity where you get to choose a stamp design and press it down your soap bar.

Game Face : ON!

And the results are in…

Masyado kong kinarir ang activity na to, guys! LABAN PILIPINAS!
That packaging tho. <3

It was an overall fun experience in TeaSoap as you get to bring out the kid in you somehow. Oh no. Let’s not talk about age here. Hahaha! But yeah, I recommend this to those who are looking for new things to do in Taiwan especially when you’re with young-at-hearts!

Thank you so much, TeaSoap Taiwan! <3


Opening time of Teasoap: 09:00-17:00
Admission Ticket: Free
Address: No.64-11, Baiji, Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Contact: +886 2-8671-8822
Fanpage: Facebook
DIY Fee: NT$230

TeaSoap just #gotMARKed!

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