DIY ACTIVITIES IN TAIWAN : Pineapple Cake-Making
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DIY ACTIVITIES IN TAIWAN : Pineapple Cake-Making

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I will always remember Taiwan as my first ever international solo travel destination. To be quite honest, I’m not really a huge fan of solo traveling- that’s just me though! Hahaha! Well anyways, so I was lucky enough to be invited by Taiwan’s Travel Times to experience a whole new and unique DIY activities to do when in Taiwan and one of which is the pineapple cake-making workshop.

The exposure trip is part of their OTOP (One Town One Product) program. This gives tourists traveling to Taiwan, some first-hand experiences which is so much different than the usual tour people do in this lovely country. During our trip, we were able to experience pottery, mooncake-baking and even soap-making! It was an overall exciting and fun experience.

For this post we will highlight on probably the most popular pastry in Taiwan, the pineapple mooncake. We were hosted by the KUO YUAN YE MUSEUM of CAKE and PASTRY.

It was my first time to ever have a hand on baking. I love to eat but cooking or baking, for this matter, is just out of my league. But thanks to this invite, I really had so much fun and I believe I did just fine for a first-timer. See photos. hahaha!

If you participate in the workshops conducted by the KUO YUAN YE MUSEUM of CAKE and PASTRY, you will become a baker for a day. You will do every step and process on your own while being assisted by their staff. From mixing all of the ingredients, shaping the cakes and all the way to packing the finished product, it’s all YOU! Now the pressure is on, right?

Taiwan Pineapple Cake

Me when gusto ko ng kainin kahit di pa luto ang pineapple cake. HAHAHA!

In case you’re wondering, the design is an “M” which stands for MARK which is my name and symbolizes a mountain peak too. LOL!

And the results are in…

They taste as good as it looks! hahaha! <3
We were taught how to perfectly pack each mini cake, too.

While you wait for you mooncakes fresh out the oven, you’ll be toured around their museum. They have an interactive room which displays important information and even parts of the company’s history. You’ll get to know more about this heritage that’s been passed on from to generations to another. It was very impressive how this company has positioned itself in the pastry industry of Taiwan over the years.

PRICELESS: These are some of the valuable bricks from the original structure of Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry.
We also learned about traditional Taiwanese wedding ceremonies.
Taiwan Pineapple Cake
I even became royalty for a day. HAHAHA!
Them details tho. #Crown

This is definitely another activity you should try when in Taiwan most especially if you travel with kids and the rest of the family. It’s a good time to bond and man, that mooncake is really delicious! I am telling you.

Happiness from a cake!



The Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry

Location: 4F. #546, Wenlin Road, Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan
Operating Hours: 9am – 5:30pm
Admission Tickets: NT$50
Contact: +886-2-2832700 ext 547
Fanpage: Facebook
Pineapple Shortcake DIY Experience DIY Fee: NT$300

The Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry just #gotMARKed!

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