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Thank You and Goodbye

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Dec 31, 2017 officially ends my professional career as Territory Sales Supervisor of the country’s leading beverage company, San Miguel Brewery Inc. It’s been nothing short of an amazing run for the past 8 years but certainly, there are things we have to let go for us to grow. I am moving forward and will be embarking on a new journey but I will always look back to every great moments I made with my beer family. Damn it. I’m already crying. :’( I’m just so bad at this.

After graduating in college, I never imagined my self getting a job in the corporate world. I always saw my self in the creative and not in the sales department. Little did I know that I’ve already spent the last 8 years of my life away from home but never away from a “family.” During my exit interview, I was asked what made me stay in the company all these years. My answer was straightforward, and it was all about the strong FRIENDSHIPS I’ve made during my service.

It was never even about the compensation or the prestige that went along the awards and title I earned out of my smart work. I remember how there were a few times I turned down offers to be promoted just because I was enjoying the camaraderie I’ve shared with my work mates. I may be all things but I was never and will never be greedy for fame or self-entitlement. All I ever advocated was about the optimum quality of life and I’m glad that the people who know me on a personal level see right thru it.

To every retailers and wholesalers I’ve dealt with, to every dealers I’ve handled, to every sales agents, encoders and delivery teams I’ve managed, YOU ARE FAMILY! I was so firm in positioning my self not as a boss but a comrade. If there was ever a line that tried to separate me from you, I made it invisible. You are no different, just so you know. And finally, to every BEERMEN I have worked with, shared tears and laughter with, THANK YOU for sharing a piece of your life with me. (Okay tears again and I’m shaking…) Uhhmmm. One day, I’ll go over my inbox and gallery again and see our messages and photos and I’d definitely smile with every beam of joy that YOU happened. <3 I’ll forever be grateful! I’m not gonna burn any bridges, as a matter of fact, I hope that when I cross that bridge back, you guys will still be on the opposite end… smiling at me. J I LOVE YOU. Always have. Always will.

This has been Mark Anthony G. Roa, SMB Sales Supervisor. Now signing off.

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