Siit Pangpang, Siaton : Travel Guide
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Siit Pangpang, Siaton : Travel Guide

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It leaves me in awe how Philippines seems to have an endless count of natural wonders waiting to be discovered. I have been assigned in Negros Oriental for work as territory supervisor for over a year and Siaton was part of my coverage. And it was only until the last month of my service that I’ve known about this breath-taking place called Siit Pangpang, Siaton.

There’s a world out there that we should see.


If you’ve been to Antulang Beach Resort in Siaton, then you’ll easily locate Siit Pang-pang. Siit is actually a barangay in Siaton, Negros Oriental and would take an almost 1 hour drive from Dumaguete City. It’s crazy to think that this marvelous site has been there for ages but only got recognized recently. Thanks to social media, the world is getting smaller. Though there are pros and cons to that. Huhu

Best time to go here is during sunset when nature decides to show off its colors!
Suddenly it’s magic.

When I found out about Siit Pang-pang, I immediately invited my awesome friends me to join me. We planned for a sunset session because the sun perfectly sets right before your eyes there. It didn’t disappoint as it was eyegasmic to see the magnificence of nature unfold.

You and I cannot hide the love we feel inside.
You are not alone.

A few steps into Siit, I noticed the presence of black, sharp stones widely scattered in the flat area. I may be wrong but they seem to be dead corals. Then as I moved towards the cliff, my mouth literally dropped! It reminded me so much of Rapang Cliff in Itbayat, Batanes; but of course, BATANES is UNPARALLELED!

As a photographer, I know where to look for the best angle to frame the shot.

We were lucky that during our first visit, there was a storm signal. It resulted to rough seas and gigantic waves breaking into the huge boulders of Siit. The raging waves surely added drama and texture to the scenery but the overcast sky was just off for photos. Still, we had a great time feeling the place. And because we weren’t content with our photos, we decided to come back when the weather went fine. Haha!

Shot during that time when the weather was bad. But look at the drama the waves added to the photo. 🙂

On our second time, it was sunny and the sea was calm. I realized that sometimes you can’t get the best of both worlds. This time, while the skies were awesome, the sea was bland. The water was motionless and didn’t add spectacle to the shots. But then again, it didn’t take away the beauty that Siit Pangpang possesses. You may actually cliffjump in there, too; just carefully plan you’re landing and check the tides. And if you’re done with the photo ops, there’s a pebble beach in there, as well! It was a perfect spot to grab some beer and do some socials with friends.

I’ll take you to the other side.
I’m still in awe with how picturesque this spot is.



*from Dumaguete

-Go to Dumaguete Bus Terminal and get on a bus bound for either Siaton or Bayawan. Ask to be dropped at the junction to Antulang. Travel time takes around 40 minutes depending on road situation. Fare is at 30/way.
Once at the junction, take a habal-habal ride to Siit Pangpang. Drivers normally ask for 100/head. I don’t know if it’s reasonable as I find it a bit too much. I may be wrong though since Siit is more than 5 kilometers from the main road.

-For those coming in with their private cars, just follow the road signs to Antulang or Kookoos Nest. The entrance to Siit Pangpang is actually just a few meters before Kookoos Nest. There will be a curved road prior to Kookoo and to your left, you’ll see a cycloned gate. Ironically, there’s a NO TRESPASSING sign tacked in the tree but we asked permission from one of the locals there. We were permitted to enter the premise as the local said it’s open to anyone; or maybe at least for now.

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There are no accommodations right at the cliff or near that beach but there are resorts within the premise. Bring your own food, as well, as there aren’t any outlets that serve food in there. Wear proper footwear if you plan to go up and down the edgy rock formations in Siit. Sandals and slippers are a no-no as it might hurt you along the way. Masasaktan ka gaya nung time na iniwan ka nya! LOL!

And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.


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