THINGS TO DO IN NEGROS : Firing At NIR Shooting Range
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THINGS TO DO IN NEGROS : Firing At NIR Shooting Range

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A few weeks back, I got the chance to engage myself in a leisure that was nowhere in my list. I’m the kind of guy who’s more into art or creatives than anything loud or physical. But you know, they say there’s always a first time for everything. So when I got an invite to experience shooting, I gave it a go! But this is not the “camera” kind of shooting. We are talking about shooting pistols at NIR SHOOTING RANGE!

Subukan mo mag-loko….

As a first-timer, I felt a bit nervous about the whole notion of even just handling a gun. But the good thing is, NIR Shooting Range is very assistive and well-equipped in this kind of leisure. You will be taught all of the basics and SOPs in firing and this will help you calm yourself down.


So after all of the briefing and quick lecture, I was ready to draw first blood. JK! I was ready to shoot the targets. There were a lot of misses as expected because for one, my sight is really terrible. But as soon as I got the hang of it, I was hitting straight shots. Oh well. EASY. HAHAHA!

Kung wala ka naaaanggg… maiintindihaaaan……
This one’s a fave. Lakas maka counter-strike! hahaha!
Buco Martin in Ang Probinsyano

The experience really brings you somewhere. It’s a totally different kind of rush that it excites you to come back and shoot again! I don’t like swearing, but guys, I swear you will surely enjoy firing. Now I understand how firing has become a recreation to some.

Girl on fire!

To those asking, I don’t have any license on firearms or whatever. NIR Shooting Range will handle everything for you. All you need to do is go there, tag along some friends, and have fun while prioritizing SAFETY at all times.

Syempre di namin pinalampas magpull-off ng “influencer” shots dito. Hahaha!

Movie Title: Isang Bala Ka Lang
Movie Title: IronWoman

Now this is your time to shoot with a REAL GUN!

Para sa tanan nga PRAKTIKAL da, ATON NI! hahahaha!


All-In Packages

9mm Pistol
50 rounds bullet
1 target board
Range fee

9mm Pistol
100 rounds bullet
1 target board
Range fee

Cal.40 or Cal.45
100 rounds bullet
1 target board
Range fee


NIR Shooting Range at Sta. Fe Resort, Brgy. Granada, Bacolod City


For Inquiries and Reservations:
0942-4150311 Louella
or send them a message on FACEBOOK

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