Mayana Peak : Travel Guide
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Mayana Peak : Travel Guide

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So apparently, it took me a long while to write a new blog post. I have been procrastinating ever since I arrived from a trip in Dubai. For some reasons, I got drained from all of the non-stop traveling the past few months. Haha! To finally rekindle my love for travel, I decided to go on a sunrise mission with my closest travel buddies JAKIETIA and CLYDE. We unanimously decided to go check a mountain we’ve never been and our wandering feet led us to the scenic, MAYANA PEAK!

Who would’ve thought this breath-taking place is just a few hour drive from my hometown!

After gracing a social event the night before, we tried to get a brief sleep; two hours to be exact. Then at 4am, we started driving our way to San Carlos, City in hopes to catch the sunrise. But boisterous (in a cute way) as we always are, we drove a bit slow. Haha! We would throw in punchlines out of nowhere igniting laughters inside the car, do carpool karaoke and sing our hearts out and just being random for the most part of the long drive. You guessed it right, we weren’t able to catch the break of sunrise from the summit. HAHAHA

By far, the best stop-over moment in all of my travels!
It doesn’t mean you’re lonely when you’re alone.

Letting go of the chance to photograph the burst of colors at the summit, we found ourselves pulling over in one of the rice fields along the way. We were so drawn with the nature’s glorious display and we just knew we had to take some snaps. It was a fun stop-over. A few more kilometers, we’ve finally arrived at the junction to Mayana Peak.

The landmark would be the basketball court to your left if you’re coming in from Bacolod City. And don’t worry, there’s a signage that will signal that you are at the right place. If you have a private car, you can drive all the way to the base or registration area. It’s a 7-minute drive into a flat and slightly bumpy road; it might be a different story though if it was raining. The road is not concrete so is expect it to be muddy if it rained.

If you went to Mayana via a public commute, you’ll have to take one of the habal-habal rides readily available right at the junction or trek your way to the summit. If you’re into mountaineering, this is just a walk in the park for you. No sweat! Once at the registration area, you’ll be asked to write down your names and having a tour guide is compulsory. This is one of the locals’ sources of living so it won’t really hurt if you give a little blessing.

I have been to a good number of summits already having Kawa Ijen, Indonesia and Mt. Pulag, Benguet as the most tiring for me but I can’t really say that I’m a mountain-person. I get really exhausted every single time I climb maybe because I’m not really a physically active person. And let me tell you that Mayana Peak is the easiest climb I’ve ever done by a mileeeeeeeeeee! It was a pretty easy trek to the peak that I was surprised when I saw the WELCOME signage not even 15-minutes later.

Notice how the steps to the peak are well-established.

You can compare it to another popular pabebe climb which is Osmena Peak in Cebu. However, Mayana Peak is even easier than Osmena- way easier! The only bit of difficulty is the initial ascent and after that it will be just a chill walk. Maybe another factor why we didn’t get tired was because we diverted our attention by taking photos along the way. The view is really scenic.

Drone shot by
Who run the world? Girls!
In photo:
Waiting for lovelife to fall from heaven be like…

So if you’re a newbie climber, this is a good warm up for you!

Bes. pini-picturan ka ni Crush. Act normal!
Tia: ………..


from Bacolod City

* Head on to Bacolod South Bus Terminal and get on a bus bound for San Carlos City via Don Salvador. Fare is at 120/way.
* Tell the driver to drop you off at Sitio Punod and that you’re going to Mayana Peak.
* Charter a habal-habal or motorbike to bring you to the registration area. Fare is at 50/way.

** Other expenses will include tips and food.

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