#LiveGRACE : The Grace Nobleza Movement
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#LiveGRACE : The Grace Nobleza Movement

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September 10, 2016 would have been the most wonderful day for our friends Vincent Sangrones and Grace Nobleza. Yesterday was their supposed wedding day as most of us probably knows by now. However, fate had its own version of their story. There were twists we never saw coming.

To those who haven’t learned about the full story, you may check my A Walk to Remember blog post. A lot has happened within one month since Grace’s departure. Her story of selfless love has reached parts of the world and has touched millions of lives. It was featured on national TV and the amount of support that has been received was astounding! For an ordinary person’s story to reach over 2 million views is an extraordinary feat. It was an affirmation that she has left a strong message which is to live life to the fullest. We only have borrowed time here.

The overwhelming support you have shown made us decide to continue her legacy. On her birthday yesterday, we presented the #LiveGRACE shirts for a cause. The profit will be donated to charity which supports patients with Leukemia. Through this, we will be able to continue to spread her message of inspiration.

We will finalize the details of the merchandise like price, sizes and shipment this week on this site. We now have options for those who would want to donate in cash found on top of this website.

We knock on your hearts to join us in this #LiveGRACE movement. For the thousands of lives affected by cancer every single day across the globe, your donation is not just a donation. It is HOPE.


This wonderful illustration is designed by Mr. Fulgencio Bermejo. He is a local of Bacolod City but is now based in Manila. Check him out on Facebook and instagram.com/@fvlgenci000 for project inquiries.

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