La Manok Island : Travel Guide
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La Manok Island : Travel Guide

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It was our second day in the island of Carnaza, Cebu and the sun finally decided to show up. My friends and I decided to waste no time and head on to another island paradise not too many people know about. For decades, we were told by our boatman that this island has been contested by Cebu and Masbate with the latter claiming authority of the domain. Anyways, the island paradise I’m pertaining to is La Manok Island.

Pedestrian lanes. #itsmorefuninthePhilippines

Though geographically part of Masbate, La Manok Island is easily accessible by a pumpboat from Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan, Cebu. It’s a 35-minute boat ride but it depends on the weather and sea condition. In order for you to fully appreciate its beauty, go when the tide is low. La Manok is composed of 2 islands connected by a shifting sandbar and it’s a lot of fun crossing from one island to the other.

That beauty from above.

The island is almost bare having only a shabby cottage which serves a shelter for tired fishermen. However the natural beauty of La Manok makes up for the lack of amenities in the area. From afar, the island looks like a kingdom off a fantasy book with colossal towers in both ends. The water is undeniably clear (Yes, mas malinaw pa ang tubig dito kesa relasyon nyo! Joke!). The raging water and wild sound of the waves are sure to pump up your adrenaline!

Though we had an overcast sky and a cloudy weather in general, I believe it was the perfect time to be there. The crashing waves and fast moving clouds added texture to our photos and the entire vibe was giving us that “castaway” feels! I saw some photos of La Manok on a fine weather and thought it was a bit ordinary. Well, we got lucky! 🙂

Be stronger than your own storm.
Look out coz here I come.
When the sharpest words wanna cut me down; I’m gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out.

La Manok became our playground and just as we were about to leave, the fisherman called from a distance. A baby shark was caught in their fishnet. It was a BLACK TIP shark. We rushed towards them to see it for ourselves and it almost crashed my heart to see it dying in their hands.  Our immediate reaction was telling them to free the shark and it live but unfortunately it was to no avail. The fishermen saw it as a meal for their family. We insisted that they let go of it but it just didn’t work. Rules of survival. Sad reality. I hope information will soon reach even the most remote fishing community in the country.

Anyways, emotion shift tayo guys because I think na lungkot din kayo sa story ni baby shark! 🙁 Other than that encounter, our La Manok experience was a lot of fun! Being there will make you realize how blessed we are to be living in a country that has so much hidden and undiscovered gems. IBA KA, PILIPINAS!


*from Cebu City
• Go to Cebu North Terminal and get on a bus bound for Maya-Kawit. (₱200/way)
Take the earliest trip at 3am so you can catch the passenger boat to Carnaza Island.
• Tell the driver that you are alighting in TAPILON PORT and not Maya port.
Travel time from the city to Tapilon is 3-4 hours.
• Once in Tapilon port, hop on a boat going to Carnaza Island. (₱100/way)
On a fine weather, travel time takes 2 hours on the average. However, it was raining when we traveled so it took us almost 4 hours braving huge waves and rough seas!
• Once in Carnaza Island, charter a boat to La Manok Island. (₱1,500/boat that can fit 15 pax)
Travel time is 35 minutes. Travel with your friends to save on cost if you’re on a budget.


As mentioned, there is no resort facility in La Manok Island but you may opt to stay in Caranza Island for the night. For a more comfortable and decent stay, book a cottage in Carnaza Ecopark at only ₱200/cottage good for 2 persons already. If you’re on a budget, there tent rental is at 50/tent only! Saan ka pa? We loved it there! This is my most favorite island in Cebu right now. Watch out for my Carnaza Island blog coming up next to know more.


A visit to La Manok Island is best done as a sidetrip when you’re traveling to Carnaza Island. We stayed there for half a day and it was enough already because by the afternoon, I believe the waves could get bigger. Here’s a possible breakdown of expenses for your trip.

• Cebu to Tapilon – 100
• Tapilon to Carnaza – 100
• Cottage – 100 (dual sharing)
• Boat to La Manok – 300 (if you’re in a group of 5)
• Carnaza to Tapilon – 100
• Tapilon to Cebu – 100
• Food – 300 (if you’re on a budget, there are carinderias in the barrio)

For our group, since we were 8 people and had loads of photography equipment, we decided to charter a boat to Carnaza from Tapilon. It’s only ₱7,000/boat inclusive of roundtrip transfers to and from Carnaza, island hopping and the La Manok sidetrip! It’s also better if you charter a boat so you have control of your time of departure to the islands. We also asked for freshly cooked food courtesy of Kuya Tirso.


• Kuya Tirso – 0948-0787894
He was our boatman, logistics and tour guide at the same time. Send our regards to kuya, please! He can offer all-in island packages or just the La Manok adventure.
• Carnaza Ecopark- 0936-7316495
The resort staff were really nice and accommodating. Highly recommended!



1. If you’re not chartering a boat to Carnaza, you have to take the 3am bus to Tapilon from Cebu in order for you to catch the passenger boat. There’s only one trip schedule daily.
2. Travel with a group if you want to cut on cost. A paradise like La Manok and Carnaza is best shared with a good company.
3. Bring your camera for unlimited photo ops.
4. Wear aqua shoes if you want to enjoy the beach without getting hurt by rocks. Haha! La Manok is a rocky beach by the way.
5. Leave no trace. Help protect the environment.

Another destination is off your list!


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