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Make your photos stand out on any social media platforms with my own personal Adobe Lightroom Presets. Select the preset that suits your mood and instantly give your photos a fashion style.

  • 4 Custom Adobe Lightroom Presets
  • Help & Support Files

*These presets are compatible with Lightroom 4-6 & Lightroom CC.
*Works best with RAW photos but are also compatible with JPEG files.



Do I need to shoot RAW to use these filters?
Presets are compatible with both RAW and JPEG files but they work best with RAW.

What version of Lightroom can i use these presets with?
We’ve designed these presets to be compatible with Lightroom 4-6 & Lightroom CC.

Will I be able to achieve the colors EXACTLY as it is shown in the sample?
The effect of presets is subjective to the actual raw image. For the most part, yes the colors will be the same. However, there are cases where the preset will not result to the same colors shown in the sample. Variables like white balance, exposure and etc. will affect the final image. So better shoot in RAW.

Can I adjust the preset according to my preference?
Yes. That’s the good thing about presets for they’re adjustable. You can tweak the colors to serve your taste. Think of presets as your base. What you’ll need to do is apply the preset on your photo, then work your way by adjusting the exposure and contrast first. Then you have the freehand to do whatever pleases you.

I want to purchase your presets but do not have a Credit Card, how do I go about this?
We offer a Bank Deposit payment option for Philippine Residents only and have a standard price of Php 1,800. Please email us for this special request.

How do I get my ordered presets?
gotMARKed presets will be delivered to your email once payment is confirmed. Allow 2 days maximum for the lead time to process your orders.


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