Why You Should Consider a Northern Cebu Vacation

Why You Should Consider a Northern Cebu Vacation

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The northern region of Cebu is a Philippine tourist destination that is one for the books when it comes to natural beauty. Littered with awe-inspiring islands, pristine white-sand beaches, and other natural spots, it is no wonder many nature lovers, beach bums, adrenaline junkies, and the like, make it a point to sign up for Philippines packages that are thoroughly planned to deliver unequalled vacations that are fun, exciting, and everything in between. If you’re one of them, then it is best to familiarize yourself first with some of the notable destinations that North of Cebu is known for. This is most true if you’re longing for fine things that mother nature has to offer. So, without further ado here are some of the places that can spice up your weekend or weeklong trip.

Bantayan Island

Located in the far northern tip of Northern Cebu, Bantayan Island, is a laid-back peninsula that is perfect if you’re more of an exploring type of traveler. Some of its most famous draws are its captivating and unadulterated beaches and heart-pumping jumping spots. If you’re up for some island hopping, you can rent a boat and visit the nearby Virgin Island. Alternatively, you can rent a scooter and drive around to experience its awe-inspiring beauty. Simply put, regardless if you’re the outgoing type or the reclusive kind, finding an activity to enjoy is easy in Bantayan Island.


Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is just what the doctor ordered if you want to experience genuine Filipino island life. What makes it unique? You ask. Well, for one, there are no cars here; plus, the locals are very accommodating as well as hospitable and are more than willing to tour you via their motorbikes. Alternatively, you can rent motorbikes and tour the island by your lonesome or travel on foot since it is quite small and you can easily reach its key points by walking. Furthermore, because of its rich marine sanctuary that are made up of eagle rays, thresher sharks, and snake eels, among others; you should make it a point to go scuba diving.


Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island is arguably Cebu’s least-known tourist destination. This should not be the case since it is an amazing beach haven that you’ll definitely fall in love with. It gained notoriety for its tall palm trees and long sandbars. If you want to experience it to the fullest, you can try bringing your own tent, food, and other related commodities and camp at island. This is something that you won’t regret, especially if you’re longing for a beach vacation that is just one for the books. Also, with the lack of appropriate facilities, glamping may not be possible in Kalanggaman Island.

Gibitngil Island

One thing that you are going to love about Gibitngil Island is its crystal-clear waters. They are so refreshing, particularly after a few hours of lying under the sun. You can actually see the lowest point of the sea from your boat or even your cottage! Yes, that’s how pristine its waters are. By the way, despite the tropical weather, the water is cool and ideal for a swim. Also, if you’re an adrenaline junkie and you’re looking for a one of a kind activity that can get your heart pumping then you can try cliff jumping in a height of about 30 to 40 feet (depending if it’s high tide or low tide). Lastly, practice sure to practice caution while in the island because there are areas where the waters are deeper than they appear.

Sugar beach

Sugar Beach is a public resort that is located in Bantayan Island. It is arguably the most spacious beach on the island and it boasts of fine sand that can be compared to white sugar, which is where it got its name. Another great thing about this island is you don’t have to worry about treading the beach barefooted because its white sand is so fine; plus, there are no corals or sharp rocks that may hurt your feet.

Binaliw Spring

Located in the small municipality of Sogod, Binaliw Spring is set in a natural environment that is surrounded by forests, lush plants, cool springs, and so on. If you decide to include it in your itinerary, you can bring picnic necessities and spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is important to note also that in this part of the province, you can relax to the fullest and enjoy innocent rural life where friendly “Cebuanos” (Cebu locals) do their daily chores like laundry at specific parts of the spring.

Marmol Cliffs

The Marmol Cliffs is top the top tourist destination of the small town of Tuburan that is famous for centuries-old caves that are just longing to be explored. They are essentially two rocks that somewhat acts a passage way for a river that runs through it. Also, as a little trivia, the cliffs got their name from their shiny as well as smooth character that are pretty much similar to a marble stone. Take note that “marmol” is the Filipino word for marble. It is best to visit the cliffs during the afternoon because during this time, the sun reflects on certain parts of the wall that showcases their smoothness.

Molobolo Spring

Molobolo Spring is proof that great vacations do not have to be expensive. Year in and year out, it attracts tourists and—in one or another—has become a favorite among tourists and locals alike. Located in the town of Tuburan, which got its name from the Visayan (local dialect) word “tubod,” which translates to spring of water. From the spring flows sparkling as well as cool water, which is complemented by fresh air.

Summing up

There you have it, some of the Northern Cebu tourist spots that can enable you to relax as well as unwind and at the same time satisfy the nature lover in you. Putting all these into consideration, it’s safe to say that a trip there is well worth your time, money, effort, and basically everything in between.

Do you have your favorite Northern Cebu tourist destination or experience that you want to share? Leave a message on our comments page.

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